"Charles fosters a passion for music among his students and is most adept at adapting his teaching style to meet the student's learning style. He teaches all ages and has a gift of motivating his younger students to love the instrument and build confidence in themselves by bringing out the best in them. I trust and recomend him first to anyone for those wishing to learn guitar both young and old." -Anna-Lisa Hackett (valley music teacher and professional singer)

Get Ready to ROCK!! The studio is jammin' this year with multiple performance opportunities, students making their own professional recordings and compositions while rocking out in bands put together from among the studio. We have a great year ahead of us and have already had a fantastic start.

I teach group and private classes for traditional classical guitar method, electric guitar, acoustic steel and nylon string guitars, A/e, and bass guitar, electric and acoustic, guitar lessons for all genres and styles of music. My annual music recitals are live-performance concerts featuring bands and other performing groups formed from among my students along with solo student performances. Students from the studio also perform regulary throughout the community. I also offer my recording studio to my students and help them record, mix and make cd of their own.

Contact me for my NEW STUDENT SPECIAL!!  It's not to be missed!!! Start your musical journey today. 

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A little bit about me:

A seasoned music teacher, Charles has taught guitar and drums at the Center for Educational Excellence school, Grand Canyon Preparatory private charter school and Arizona Music Academy.

Charles Ernest Watson, Jr is a North American composer and guitarist. A child prodigy from a family line of musicians and artists, he began composing and performing on the guitar at age 9. Watson is also an accomplished pianist and known for his transcriptions for guitar of piano masterpieces from the Romantic and 20th century musical eras and for his contemporary scores and symphonic productions for modern dance troupes, traditional ballet, and theater. A second generation student of Joe Pass, he currently teaches theory, technique, and performance for guitar, bass and drums at Arizona's foremost music academy and has been an instructor there for 6 years. Charles is a seasoned public performer, accomplished in the recording studio, has put out numerous CD albums, and is adept at sight-reading and writing scores on the fly. He performes at many community, public,and private events, music festivals, restaurants and corporate events and heads up two Arizona based stage bands. Charles recorded his 2008 album with Universal Platinum Plus Records, Nashville, produced by Robert Metzgar and Tony Migliore, "Time for Change, with one of his bands, "Charles Watson & Hollow Council."

See me perform : Classical guitar.

                                 Electric guitar.

STUDENT CONCERTS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr1S29I64jc&feature=youtube_gdata

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